Welcome to the Mama-Care Collective

A community for women to transform their motherhood journey through self-care and mindfulness

Welcome Home Mama,

Think of the Mama-Care Collective as your prenatal spirit guide, joining hands to help you navigate this transformative journey of motherhood with intention and insight. We're here to help you connect to your intuition and divine feminine power through mindfulness, prenatal yoga, and self-care rituals. Our hope is that through this connection with your truest self, not only are your babies birthed into this world with radiant health and genuine happiness–but you also blossom into the mother you dream of.

The process from maiden to motherhood is not for the faint of heart.  The transformation begins even before you become pregnant and continues after your baby is born.  In many ways, this transformation is similar to our yoga practice.  You show up, you do your best and you hold space for yourself to grow.  You flow through the transitions from one pose to the next, just as you do from conception to pregnancy, through birth and beyond.  It’s that transition process, and the space in between, that we are here to nurture.

When we keep showing up for ourselves, just as we show up for our yoga practice, we learn to lean into this new identity. We stretch and expand in ways we never thought possible.  We grow stronger.  We begin to bring self-love into this new space we created.  Yoga Mama® is here to celebrate this unfolding journey of motherhood through every transition.  Through community support, educational resources, self-care rituals, and products that nurture you and your baby, you will be empowered to be the guardian of your own well-being.

Members gain access to exclusive classes + courses to purchase or subscribe to:

The Prenatal Self-Care Guide:  A monthly guide complete with action items, meditations, yoga classes, and mindfulness guides to balance your body, mind, and spirit in this special stage of life. Membership includes access to the Yoga Mama Collection, our prenatal yoga library COMING SOON and will be available on-demand.

The Postpartum Mama-Care: COMING SOON! A guide and library to replenish your body, mind, and spirit with yoga, meditation, and pelvic floor exercises designed specifically for the special time period after baby when you are reinvented as a mother.

Fertility Mama-Care: COMING SOON! A guide and library to prepare your body, mind, and spirit with self-care actions, fertility yoga, and meditation designed specifically for women trying to conceive.

The Yoga Mama Collection: Our Prenatal Yoga Library On-demand

Join in on the Monthly Ceremonies and Rituals and show up in your life healthy and whole.

Connection and Resources from women, for women.

Celebrate Your Wins, Share your Challenges, and Give Asks to the Community. Active engagement is proven to provide you with the greatest outcome!